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Commercial photography

You belong to the hospitality / catering field or you own a business, click here to get further information.

Tourist photography

You are an institution working to promote tourism on a territory, you are running a business and wanting to communicate about your city or region? Click here to get further information.

Lifestyle and cultural events photography

You are an institution, a private individual, or you are running a business? You are looking for a photographer to cover a cultural event or immortalize moments of lifeClick here to get further information.

Web writing

Why is it essential to take care of what you display on your website or social networks?

A content of quality will have more chance to attract the internet user and incite him to buy / contact. Texts have to be written with care. The impact of your communication strategy relies on their relevance.

The text has to be clear, direct, respectful of linguistic rules and optimized SEO (all the technics that allow you to have your website referenced by search engines and well placed in search results).

Of course, these rules also apply to your presence on social networks.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need visual or textual content in French, as I can adapt to various projects.

Mail : contact@fannybnn.com.

Social Media Management

Why is it so important to create a real communication strategy on social networks?

A company or brand can create a social media strategy in order to exchange with its clients before, during and after their consumption of the product or service offered. Social networks are many and distinct, but are not necessarily all relevant regarding the activity of your company or the (financial, human…) means you have.

On another hand, we don’t communicate on all social networks in the same way: depending on the one(s) relevant for your company (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, Scoop’it or others), you will have to adapt your strategy to the possibilities offered by each network and to the rules that make it work the best. That is why a professional with a wide knowledge of the specificities and requirements of each social network will more easily adapt your communication and make the best of it.

Goals of a social media strategy

  • To watch your reputation

    A brand or company can’t avoid dealing with its ereputation. A your global reputation is now depending on what is said about you on the web, it is highly necessary to watch it and try to improve it if necessary.

  • To get closer to your clients

    Social networks allow a real content diversification comparing to a website. It offers a real added value for your clients, as you can enhance their understanding of your company as well as the experience they get with it through offers, services, products. Thanks to games, promotional offers, exclusive information and other special attentions especially developped for social networks, it is actually easier to strengthen the identification and membership of your clients to your company’s values.

  • To conquer your clients and win their loyalty

    Social networks can be compared with a new marketing channel as they allow you to prospect / retain customers and offer after-sales service. It becomes easier for you to convert your clients in true ambassadors of your brand.

  • To improve website positioning

    All the actions done as part of a social media strategy also contribute to the visibility of your company, and consequently, to its positioning in search results.

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