Florida Landscaping Ideas

Yearning For A Beautiful Florida Landscape?

There is nothing better than looking out your window, and saying, “Yes, I do live in paradise”. This does not mean that you have to live on the Intercoastal, along the Ocean or Gulf Coasts. You can still have a beautifully Tropical landscaped yard or business. However the Florida landscape is a special one, unlike other states, so it needs special care.

Florida is made up of four different regions. There is 1. Northern, 2. Central, 3. Southern, and 4. Coastal regions. Each region has its own unique variations of landscaping techniques. The Northern section still gets frost, and can still be cold during the afternoons in Winter. Central Florida is warmer in Winter but can get a frost overnight, while warming back up in the daytime. Southern Florida rarely, if ever gets frost, but is extremely hot. Coastal regions have salt air.

All these different regions have different plant needs. Not all plants can handle frost, nor can many handle salt air. Some plants can’t handle extreme heat either. This is why you will never see a lilac bush or irises, however, there are plenty of bushes, flowers, and trees to perfect your tropical paradise look, you want.

The different temperatures dictate what you can plant, as well as the soil. Clay is prevalent in the panhandle, which makes for slow drainage. Northern and Central Florida is mostly sandy soil, where water dissipates quickly. South Florida is very swampy in areas, so the soil is peat based and very fertile. Once you know your soil type, you can advance from there. Oh, and fire ants are everywhere, so beware of these nasty little critters.

If you live in the Largo area (South) of Florida, why not just hire a professional to take all the guesswork out of the landscaping. For Largo Florida landscaping, seek out the services of Land Crafters. They have been in business for over twenty years making clients happy. This company has over 150 years of combined experience, on the Gulf Coast. This is with the help of investment bankers, marketers, and consultants to keep searching for ways to impress clients.

A Largo Florida Landscaping company can handle all your landscaping needs, whether it be for residential, commercial, or both. They take pride in helping you determine exactly what you want in your landscape. Do you want privacy, ease of care, luscious tropical flowers, pest free bushes, and a water irrigation system? They have you covered. Just tell them exactly what you are looking for in a yard. They can make it so much easier for you to have the dream yard, you always wanted.

Once your landscape is set up, a landscaping company makes sure you can keep it flourishing. They have regular maintenance programs, for mowing and trimming your areas. They also offer proper weeding, feeding, and fertilization programs as well. Don’t forget to also ask for insect resistant treatments as well. They will come by during certain pesky seasons of insects and treat your yard. No more battling fire ants, “noseeums”, love bugs, or event some pesky rodents. Make your life stress free.

Leave all the work to a landscaping company, so you can do what Florida offers most, sun, fun, and relaxation. Why slave over your yard, when you could be hitting the waves, building sand castles, golfing, or just relaxing by the Gulf. You live in Florida for a reason. Enjoy all of its amenities, and leave the landscaping to the pros.