The Return of Investment on Waterproofing

Your basement isn’t just a storage unit or an underground territory, but it is also the foundation of your home that keeps the entire structure intact. Without a firm and solid base, the house faces the risk of collapsing. This in turn causes a fall in the value of your home. Moisture is the main culprit when it comes to protecting the basement from damage. Waterproofing your basement is a solution to endless problems. It helps in many ways but specifically, in two major ways below:

1. Prevents Flooding

Floods pose serious dangers to concrete and other hardware installed to protect the area below ground level. In the past few years, there have been countless cases of flooding – based on which the NFIP reported an estimated sum of $3 billion claimed in damages every year, citing flooding as the most disaster causing natural process. Flooding is a serious repercussion that proves to be a great liability for you, especially in bringing down the value of your home. Water damage impacts the wall materials, furniture, appliances, entertainment systems and many other irreplaceable damages. It also creates a massive electrocution mishap by tampering with the wiring system underground.

Since basement flooding is often the result of several types of water overflowing, i.e., infiltration flooding, sewer backing up, and rainwater collecting outside, health concerns should be taken very seriously, especially the risk of developing respiratory health problems. With growing challenges of the environment, you live in, urban flooding events have a high potential to occur everywhere. Severe rainstorms can weaken municipal infrastructures leading to floods and water accumulation on roads. You wouldn’t find yourself thinking often about the sewer infrastructure of the society until a serious problem is underway. This is because such problems are difficult to predict and usually develop insidiously, away from the sight. Even for municipalities, it isn’t very possible to account for every malfunction of the sewer and rainstorm management systems. This is why you should adopt flood reduction and precaution tips. Personally, taking up the responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm is a wise decision and well worth it.

2. Prevents Mold Growth

Mold can be the bane of your life but knowing a very basic fact about it can give you all the hope there is. Mold being a living thing can grow in any place where it gets suitable sustenance. This means for as long as you cut off its organic feeding material, you can very well do away with it or not have to deal with it in the first place. Any source of moisture can be a sufficient boost of life for mold to develop and spread. This means the basement has the greatest tendency for mold to thrive. Certain levels of moisture aren’t detectable, and the basement may seem dry but it could still be affected under the ground, behind the walls and basically any spaces that often face wetness. When it comes to the basement, mold can be highly toxic causing severe allergy symptoms, asthma, and skin aggravation. In order to prevent this occurrence altogether,
basement waterproofing is necessary.

With any basement waterproofing cincinnati oh company, taking care of leaky foundations, anti-vaporization, heavy condensation resulting from uncontrollable variables like the weather and daily activities like cooking or washing clothes can prevent moisture buildup in your home and subsequently, all the trouble that results from it in any open or enclosed spaces.

Any amount spent on waterproofing has the benefit of adding property value to your home. It also allows for renovation and refurbishment to be carried out without any issues. Waterproofing is an investment that benefits you all through out.